About this Journey


“Joyful Teacup” is just as much a play on my love of tea, life, and living in gratitude-enhanced joy as it is a metaphor for life. Life, in my eyes, is like a teacup. Life is what you put into it and make out of it. It can be filled with anything – good memories, new experiences, pain, frustration, trials and tribulations, love, friendship, everything! It can overflow with those emotions and experiences; it can be “dumped out” and begun from scratch, filling it again. Everywhere we go, everything we do, everything we experience, everyone we encounter, they fill our cup with something, and we fill theirs in return.

In my past, I have not paid attention to how I filled my cup of life. As a result, life became overflowing with anxiety, depression, health issues, and hurt relationships – life was bitter, burnt, over-brewed tea. I suddenly realized that if that was what I was filling my cup with, if that was what was overflowing, then that was what I was pouring into other people’s cups. Not only was I hurting myself, I was poisoning others, too!

When I opened my eyes to my life, I did what I felt I had to: I dumped my cup and filled it again, consciously. I began to live intentionally, consciously. It wasn’t a perfect process. My teacup is full of many chips and scratches as I learn my way. Occasionally, I still burn and embitter the tea. But, overall, things changed. My cup filled and overflowed with joy, gratitude, and new, wonderful people and experiences.

This little corner of the web is about life, how I fill my cup, and my journey to do so consciously.
How is your cup?