Project Build Happiness

What does happiness mean to you?  What does it look like?

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. It is the culmination of many items or moments that bring us joy. It even means learning to love yourself and your own presence enough to find joy in just “being.”  It is pulling on high boots to wade through the beautiful rivers and muck of life while practicing moment-to-moment gratitude. These are just a few components of my personal Happiness Philosophy.

Happiness has a different meaning for everyone, yet it is universal. Everyone wants happiness.

Project Build Happiness

Do you want to figure out your own happiness philosophy, build happiness in your life, and join a supportive, uplifting village of women?

It is my pleasure to announce Project Build Happiness; it is the brain child of Pam from Hodge Podge Moments and a passion for all of us who are helping her host it.These women are some of the most inspirational, uplifting, charging-forth-into-happiness-and-their-dreams women I know. From the moment she mentioned the project to us, we all jumped on board with love and enthusiasm. And we want to share that with you!

The project is a 30 day happiness challenge beginning in September. The project focuses on defining happiness, forming a supportive and uplifting atmosphere, and providing tips for building happiness in your life. One of the best parts? It is completely free. For those of you who are beginning back-to-school preparation, this project is a great way to find grounding and joy in a time when things can be stressful beyond measure. The tools learned in the project can be applied the rest of the semester, year, high school, college, and life. For those of you who aren’t in high school or college, this project will give the foundations and toll to build happiness upon in any aspect of your life. Your happiness journey begins here!

Interested and want to hear more? Check out Pam’s introduction post that contains further details on the project and then jump on over to our sign up page, give us your email for the project newsletter, and you will be on your way.

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